Let us save water

The news that the Vaal Dam water level was critically low brought home the message that we are in the middle of a drought.

This time last year, it was at around 74% of capacity. The dam is one of South Africa’s biggest and supplies around 12 million citizens and, most importantly, the industrial powerhouse of the country, Gauteng.

If there is no rain in the next few weeks and no visible decrease, by at least 15%, in consumption, punitive water restrictions could be introduced.

If domestic water use was reduced by 15% and agricultural and mining use by 20%, “it might help to stabilise the situation”.

Residents and businesses in Gauteng will have to drastically reduce water consumption voluntarily.

Already there are restrictions on washing of vehicles, watering of gardens, golf greens and sport fields with a hose.

A behavioural is needed if we are to deal with this predicament.

We have to make lifestyle changes to reduce water consumption and educate ourselves on alternatives such as water harvesting and re-use.

Municipal workers also have to play their part to curb and repair water leaks.

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