Armed scoundrels target man at dumping site in Pta East

The gaping hole after the bullet went through the door.

A 63-year old man narrowly escaped an almost crossfire between himself and two scoundrels at the municipal dumping site in near Mamelodi on Friday afternoon.
Dewald Malan said he was doing renovations at his home in Garsfontein and went to the dumpsite to throw away the rubble.
Speaking to Rekord, Malan said after he and his three helpers had dumped the rubble, on their way back, they saw a lot of people on the dumping site going through the hogwash.
“I couldn’t drive fast, because there were a lot of people. I drove about 30km/h.”

Dewald Malan showing where the bullet hit his bakkie.

Malan said the next moment, he saw a young man approaching his vehicle, holding a handgun.
“The man fired one shot that echoed very loudly. And since I also had my firearm with me, I jumped out of my vehicle and fired a warning shot.”
Malan said it wasn’t necessary to shoot at the man, because he started running away when he saw that he himself had a firearm as well.
He said another man hid himself among the people digging through the hogwash also fired a shot at him.
“I then fired another warning shot and he also fled.”
Malan said it is only when he got back into his vehicle that he saw that the first scoundrel had shot through his bakkie’s driver’s side door.
“I was still inside the bakkie when the first shot was fired. It was a very close call for me. I am just happy that nobody got hurt.”
Malan said he is not the only person who has been attacked at this dumping site.
“A lot of people has been attacked here and I just want to warn everyone to be very careful when they go and dump there.”

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