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Innovative fabrics bark up Tokyo fashion tree

Wood fashioned into lace and sculpted into evening dresses: the Hanae Mori Manuscrit label led the way this Tokyo Fashion Week in showing the world the original craftmanship that helps set Japan apart from the crowd.

Bulgarian left seeks election comeback

Bulgarians vote in elections Sunday with the Socialists, seen as closer to Russia, aiming to prevent another comeback by two-times centre-right premier Boyko Borisov.

Spain’s Socialists kick off leadership battle

Deeply divided and weakened by the rise of far-left party Podemos, Spain’s Socialists are gearing up for a leadership contest that will see ousted chief Pedro Sanchez attempt a comeback.

Britain prepares to launch Brexit

Britain will take an unprecedented step into the unknown on Wednesday with the first formal move towards leaving the European Union, starting a two-year process that has already divided the country.

Saving Cool Britannia image from Brexit bruise

Brexit challenges Britain’s global image of openness and tolerance, but Cool Britannia has what it takes to avoid being suddenly rebranded as uncool just because it quits the EU, advertising professionals say.

US air strike in Afghanistan killed senior Qaeda leader

A US drone strike in eastern Afghanistan on March 19 killed the senior Al-Qaeda military commander Qari Yasin, who has been linked to numerous attacks in his native Pakistan, the US military confirmed on Saturday.

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