Borehole users asked to put up notices

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Residents who have drilled boreholes at their homes have been asked to put notices indicating this outside their gates.

“We know there are sizable number of our residents who have boreholes in their homes. We advise them to just indicate outside their gates that they are not using municipality’s water,” said Water and Sanitation MMC Darryl Moss.

Moss said if residents failed to put up notices, they would face police action.

“We are going through a drought and the water restrictions we have imposed have not changed. As such it’s very important to indicate [you have a borehole].”

“Failure to do so will mean metro police officers will have to come and ensure that no municipal water gets wasted. We don’t interfere with borehole water.”

Moss advised those with boreholes to still use water sparingly.

“As the city we are not going to tell residents what to do with the borehole water but we would advise them to still use water sparingly because the drought season has not passed so every drop is important.”

Moss said the recent rain in the city had not made any significant change in the main dam.

“Tshwane gets most of its water from the Vaal River and there has not been much difference in that particular dam even though we have had some rain in recent weeks.”

“Some of the local dams are doing fairly well but the situation has not improved because the Vaal River is still at critical levels.”

South Africa is currently going through the worst drought since the dawn of democracy and the metro called for a 15 percent reduction on urban water use last month.

The department of water and sanitation offered the following tips to minimise usage:

– Take a shower instead of a bath. Taking a bath could use between 80 and 150 litres of water.

– Put a two litre bottle filled with water and a little sand into the toilet cistern to reduce the toilet flush. Reducing the toilet flush volume alone can save 20 percent of total water consumption.

– Fix leaking toilets as they can waste up to 100 000 litres of water a year.

– Kettles should be filled with just enough water for your needs. This will reduce the electricity bill too.

– Reduce the amount of water you use per day. Reuse water where possible.

– Always water your plants during the early morning hours or in the evening. You can loose up to 90 percent of water to evaporation if you water plants between 10:00 and 15:00.

– Focus on indigenous and non-invasive alien plants with low water demands.

– Store roof water in tanks for watering gardens.

– Use “grey water” from baths, washing machines and other safe sources to water your garden.

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