Water wasters’ short-sightedness

Jacques Conradie writes:

The world is running out of water, period. South Africa is not the only country in this predicament and everywhere it is the same.

The problem is not drought, but human activity and underground water has been irrevocably depleted. The future for South Africa is worse because it is a water poor country soon-to-be desert. Fifteen years ago it was already predicted that we will run out of water between 2025 and 2030.

Add to this a government that has spent the last 20 years polluting our rivers and dams with sewage and indiscriminately issuing water and mining licenses, destroying life-giving wetlands.

Here is a sobering fact. If all the water on Earth could fit in a 100 litre drum, only 3 litres is fresh water and a mere teaspoon of it potable.

The fact that you are willing to pay extra to keep your pool alive speaks of arrogant ignorance, because the day where you stand with a fist full of money not being able to buy a single drop of water is nigh.

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