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I am a train commuter with a monthly ticket from Saulsville to Rissik station.

I am a security officer that is expected to arrive in time for a 05:45 parade.


We got it difficult with the link train from Pretoria station to get the shuttle train at Koedoespoort to Rissik.

The link time does not suit us security guys due to distance of Gezina line. We are always late at work due to this connection times.

I catch the 04:00 train at Saulsville station that arrive at Pretoria station at 04:20 and have to wait to catch the Mamelodi train that is going to make me late for duty.


I think it can be better if you can make the Mamelodi train for 04:30 so to make us arrive on time at work.

I think if you can re-check this matter for both sides of the region how you can re-schedule the train times so to suit every commuter to arrive at work on time.

This applies to weekend trains as well. We struggle due to time tables that does not seem done to consider the security sector.

The train times don’t make a security officer proud of the Prasa services.

There is a slogan of Prasa that says Nomakanjani we will take you there, but it seems that time it does not matter.

My shocking issue:

We have to walk all the way from Pretoria station to Hatfield for an hour and more.

We arrive tired at work and perform poorly as we end up sleeping at work after our long journey.

As a full-time commuter I have to raise my concern about the services I get from Prasa and I hope this will be taken into consideration

Concerned full-time commuter


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