3 simple car maintenance jobs that you CAN and SHOULD do yourself

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Mechanically servicing your vehicle can be costly, especially if you make frequent visits to the mechanic for minor fixes.

Even though it is possible to do the minor vehicle maintenance on your own, consider visiting your car manufacturer’s workshop in the case of severe damage.

Here is a quick guide on three things that every car owner should be able to do:

How to safely change a tyre:

Changing a tyre is easier than you think – as long as you have a spare tyre and kit in your boot! If you’ve never changed a tyre before, practice at home until you feel comfortable with the process.

How to jump-start a car:

Returned from your holiday only to find that you left your lights on and killed your battery? No worries! If you know how to change a car battery, you can save money by not having to take the car to the garage. Equip yourself with a set of good-quality jumper cables and learn how to jump-start your car today.

How to check your vehicle’s fluids:

The fluids in your car are there to lubricate and cool off your vehicle – imperative for efficient and smooth running of your vehicle. These fluids include: power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and engine oil. Learn how to check the fluids in your vehicle yourself and save yourself a trip to the garage.

For recent accidental damage to your car, your car insurance provider is your safest option.

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