UPDATE: Sean finally home after a month in hospital

After a month of being hospitalised for surgical procedures, the teenage burn survivor is finally ready to go home.

Sean Smith (17), was admitted to the Milpark hospital on 5 March for reconstructive surgery and skin grafting.

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Doctors also had to remove some skin from his right leg to do a skin transplant under his left arm.

“I am very excited to be going home after a month,” Sean said.

His mother, Mé-Lissa Smith said the past month were full of obstacles for the whole family.

A day before Sean was readmitted to Milpark, his mother was also admitted to a facility to help her with emotional stress.

A very emotional Mé-Lissa said she was not sure if the facility’s resources were of any help as she could think of nothing else, except her children.

She said it was very difficult to be focused on wellness when you have to face such a lot of obstacles.

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“Our current state of affairs are now in a traumatic state, since I am now unemployed.”

Smith said although she worried how she was going to provide for her family, she was relieved to take Sean home.

“I’m happy to be taking him home today. The whole family, even our pets are missing Sean.”

Mé-Lissa said she was grateful to Rekord in assisting in fetching Sean from Milpark hospital as her car was currently broken down.


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