Death mile continues to claim lives

A motorbike crashed in the east of Pretoria on Wednesday. photo supplied.

A man was killed on a road known as “the death mile” in Groenkloof on Wednesday morning.

This has renewed residents’ calls for road signs and a traffic light on George Storrar Drive to Brooklyn Mall.

The motorcyclist died when he collided with a vehicle.

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DA ward 59 councillor Shaun Wilkinson said: “This road continues to be a traffic gauntlet in Tshwane.”

He said urgent traffic calming and speed curbing measures were needed on the road from Fountains Circle to Brooklyn Circle.

“This road is a major concern and urgent attention is needed.”

Wilkinson said residents who witnessed the biker’s fatal accident told him accidents continued to happen.

“They [residents] said attempts to install signage and a traffic light were denied or fell on deaf ears,” he said.

“How many lives have to be taken for this matter to be regarded as of high importance?”

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MAIN PHOTO: Medics respond to a fatal accident in the east. Photo: supplied

Wilkinson said the recent accident could have been prevented.

“It was not clear how the accident happened but the motorcyclist crashed into the black BMW,” he said.

“We have reason to believe the sun may have temporarily blinded the biker prohibiting him from seeing the black car.”

Wilkinson said motorists drove fast George Storrar making joining the road from adjecent roads difficult for other motorists.

Wednesday’s motorcycle accident happened near the CBC old boys club.

Club manager Ursula King said although she could not comment on the accident since she wasn’t there, she could confirm accidents were a constant on George Storrar.

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“Accidents happen on a weekly if not monthly basis.”

She confirmed residents’ request and application for a traffic light was denied.

She said there was confusion between motorists because often they were not sure who had right of way.

One of the intersections near the club was such that crossing motorists had to face oncoming traffic.


The BMW driver had to be removed using the jaws of life. Photo: supplied.

The sister to one of the bikers killed in a collision near the Brooklyn Circle a few kilometres away said better signage was needed to better facilitate traffic.

“This is a serious concern because motorists make illegal U-turns there on a regular basis,” she said.

Grant Ashley Barker (31) was killed when he collided with a silver Mercedes-Benz making an illegal U-turn close to the Brooklyn Circle on 27 July last year.

His sister Anthea Mara said although she wanted justice for her brother, signs were needed at the Brooklyn Circle to prohibit motorists from making illegal U-turns.

“We are in talks with the relevant parties to install signs and want the culprit behind bars since he was not arrested immediately.”

She said no action had been taken against the culprit.

“I would like to appeal for a “No U-Turn” sign to be placed at the cement island opposite the entrance/exit to the Brooklyn Mall on Middel Street as an interim measure,” she said.

“The amount of U-turns made at that point is shocking.

“The cement island prevents people from turning right to go up to the Brooklyn Circle so instead of going around the block or to the Auditor-General’s office to turn, people are simply making U-turns after the cement island.

“This very manoeuvre resulted in my brother’s death. The best long term solution would be to have the cement island extended right down to the robot. This will prevent any U-turns of any nature taking place.”

Attempts to get a comment from the Tshwane regional director who works in the Groenkloof region were unsuccessful at time of print.

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