Menlo Park garbage site gets a shredder


Councillor, Clive Napier from Groenkloof writes:

I note your article in Rekord on 14 April entitled ‘Menlo Park garbage site gets a shredder’. This is progress and will free up already overfull landfill space. Shredded garden material can be put back into the soil. Why then does the individual homeowner not follow suit and shred much of their garden material themselves? Garden shredders are available from commercial outlets.

By shredding garden material – the use of a municipal dump will become less necessary. Shredded garden material can be used as a mulch to be spread around plants to enrich and insulate the soil and reduce water evaporation.

The cost and need for transportation is also reduced, and a contribution is made to a greener environment. A new approach to the reuse of garden material is necessary.

Mari Rheeder
Online Editor

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