UPDATE: Menlo Park shredder broken

Ward councillor Siobhan Muller next to the shredder when it still worked. Photo: File photo.

The brand new shredder at the Menlo Park garden refuse site has been broken due to residents dumping rocks.

The shredder finally made its way to the refuse site in the beginning of April after the site became a major issue due to a backlog of waste.

Residents were concerned about the health hazard and the rotting smell.

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The shredder was supposed to be used to lessen a load by eight times.

It is believed the rocks were hidden inside black plastic bags.

“The fins have to be flown in at a high cost resulting in the stalling of the fast pace at which the dump was being cleared,” said ward councillor Siobhan Muller.

Muller urged residents to only bring organic gardening waste to the dump and not leave any plastic bags behind.

“The garden refuse site is strictly only for green waste. Plastic cannot be included in the composting process,” she said.

Large tree stumps are also not allowed.

“The specification on tree branches are 10 millimetres by one meter. No tree stumps or logs are allowed,” she said.

Muller added that no chairs, doors or any other household items were allowed at the site or in the parking areas in front of the dump.

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The parking area is only temporarily being used for the shredder and until the backlog of refuse is being dealt with.

The shredder will then be cleaned.

“The incorrect items dumped has cost all residents in the time it will take to clear the site.”

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