Vehicles safety tips for the long weekend

The police have urged residents to stay safe this long weekend as part of their Back to Basics approach.

They provided the following vehicle safety tips:

– Always keep the doors locked.

– Keep your windows closed, or only slightly open.

– Leave enough manoeuvring space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

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– If you are being followed or harassed by another vehicle, drive to the nearest police station, petrol station or any other busy public space. Park as close as you can to the building and go inside and phone the police from there or let the cashier/attendant call for help.

– Never pick up hitchhikers.

– When parking your vehicle at night, ensure you leave your vehicle in a well-lit area where there are a lot of people.

– Always lock valuables, handbags and other parcels in the boot of your vehicle. This will eliminate smash and grab crimes.

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– Never lock valuables in your boot when in a shopping mall parking lot. Criminals may have been watching you and can wait for you to come back. Rather lock all valuables in the boot before you leave your home.

– Before entering your vehicle, look through the back window to ensure no one is already in your vehicle.

– When locking your doors via remote control, make sure the doors are locked before walking away.

– Be familiar with alternative routes.

– Be vigilant at stop streets, robots and intersections.

– If you are involved in a minor accident where no one was injured and you feel your environment is unsafe, drive to the nearest police station immediately or a public area and report the accident to the police from there.

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– Be extra vigilant in underground parking areas.

– Have your car key in your hand before leaving any public area.

– If you encounter engine problems, open the bonnet and get back inside the car. If a stranger approaches you, let them call for help. Do not leave the safety of your vehicle.

– Never drink and drive. The SAPS and metro services have a zero tolerance for drinking and driving.

– Do not use your cellphone while driving, except if you have a hands free kit.

– Never SMS and drive.

– Do not leave children or animals unattended in a car.

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