Put an end to illegal dumping


Concerned resident writes:

I have been living in Pretoria for close to a year and what bothers me the most is the lack of respect for our beautiful city.

My mother taught me to never leave my rubbish out and about and to throw any candy wrappers away, but I guess not many people have been taught this same lesson.

I constantly read about illegal dumping sites popping up almost overnight.

Rubbish, rotten food, garden refuse and building rubble are just some of the items being dumped.

I have noticed that illegal dumping no longer only takes place in open fields or at abandoned places where it is out of sight.

Dumping also occurs next to public roads and in community parks where our children play.

Children cannot play in parks any more due to the fear of getting cut on broken glass bottles or getting sick of the rotten food.

Not only are these illegal dumps “a sight for sore eyes”, but the smells are unbearable.

Luckily, I do not live live close to one of these illegal dumping sights, but driving by them I can only imagine what the poor people living close by have to go through.

The smells must drive them crazy and is this not a terrible health hazard?

I can only imagine people exposed to these sights constantly get sick.

When will the illegal dumping sites disappear?

When will we be able to enjoy our clean and beautiful city again?

Could only the Tshwane metro be to blame or should we as residents stand up and do something about this problem?

If every individual stops throwing their rubbish on the ground and out of their car windows and have some self respect, then maybe we could solve illegal dumping once and for all.

Rekord East

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