Activating the minds of future leaders

Solutions Advisor at Lectorsa, Daleen Janse van Rensburg and Megan Duval (16). Photo: Supplied.

“To create a better future we must be able to think better. To think better we must be able to read and comprehend better,” said directors of Lectorsa, Thomas, and Minda Marshall.

Lectorsa partnered with the JT empowerment week 10 years ago to create a better future through equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the right skills. The JT empowerment week was from 1 to 7 July for grade 11 learners at the University of Pretoria.

Lectorsa are revolutionising education by bridging the gap between the curriculum and the students. By training and increasing the eye-brain performance they produce healthier and stronger minds in users.

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Never before has it been more important to activate students’ minds, train and develop accurate ways to facilitate the process of reading and improve comprehension through cognitive development. All learners need and deserve 21st century learning opportunities to thrive as tomorrow’s leaders, workers and citizens, according to Lectora.

In the period 2008 to 2016, 2 400 junior Tukkie students benefited from LAB-on-line and their academic performances have also been boosted tremendously. This year about 170 young students joined in the #ActiveYourMind programme.

The programme kicked off on a high note on Sunday. Lectorsa said it was important for the learners to realise and acknowledge the fact that they needed to be extraordinary. There are 20 lessons in a programme, and each lesson consists of 10 exercises.

The three core elements of purposeful reading knowledge, comprehension, and application of knowledge are actively applied in each lesson, holding the students’ attention to ensure accurate improvement.

“We are extremely proud of each one of these young ‘solutioneers’ who have shown us this week that through hard work and perseverance – they can achieve greatness. They are the generation that is going to step out of the gap and shape a better future,” said Marshall.

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“We are grateful that the JT team share our passion and we are already set and ready to activate minds during next year’s JT empowerment week.”

The combined effect of the virtual reading lab and eye-brain gym are achieved through developing:

– Visual skills

– Perceptual skills

– Memory and retention

– Comprehension

– Vocabulary and language

– Learning and study skills.

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