ENTERTAINMENT: Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

5 Game of Thrones facts you’re probably unaware of: 

1) The Iron Throne is a lot smaller on-screen compared to the descriptions in the books.

According to George RR Martin, the Iron Throne is supposed to be much, much bigger than depicted in the show, he states “I said repeatedly the Iron Throne is huge. It towers over the room like a great beast. And it’s ugly. It’s asymmetric. It’s put together by blacksmiths not by craftsmen and experts in furniture manufacturing. You have to walk the iron steps, and when a king sits on it he’s like 10 feet above everybody else … He’s in this raised position looking down on everyone” (Accuna, 2014:[sp]).

2) The disease called “Greyscale’ is similar to a real disease

Also known as “Prince Garin’s curse”, Greyscale is a fatal disease one would hate to catch that causes scale-like lesions on one’s skin. According to the Telegraph, George RR Martin had leprosy in mind – a disease that was common in the middle ages. Sufferers were often out casted from societies.

3) Mother of Slugs

When researchers discovered a new species of sea slugs in 2013, they were struck by the similarity of the pale, braid-like looks of the slug, that they honoured Deanerys Targeryen, also known as ‘the Khaleesi’, by naming the sea slugs Tritonia Khaleesi.

4) You can actually own a dire wolf

The Dire Wolf Project (http://www.direwolfproject.com/) which started in 1988, focused on bringing the look of a real wolf into a domesticated dog breed. According to The Telegraph (2017:[sp]), Game of Thrones fans can finally own their own Ghost for a whopping $3000, it’s worth noting that the real dire wolf went extinct about 10 000 years ago, and even though these Alsations may look like Dire Wolves, there is no major genetic link between them.

5) Blood grooves on the swords

Tommy Dunne the official Game of Thrones “weapons master” boasts the realistic, small details that goes into his weapon crafting for the show. He states that all of the swords used on the show have “blood grooves” crafted into their steel (Hawkes, 2017[sp]). According to popular belief, in the middle ages swords had the same distinct blood grooves on them, that when would allow blood to flow easier out of the body when piercing skin, making it easier for the sword to be pulled out of the

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