UPDATE: Sell dagga to boost economy – prof

The trial of the plant involving the so called 'dagga couple' Jules Stobbs and Myrtlke Clarke hit day 8 on Thursday at the Pretoria high Court.

Income from the legal sale of dagga could help boost the economy, a witness has told the Pretoria high court in the ongoing “plant trial”.

Professor David Nutt, world renowned psychiatrist and neuro-psycho-pharmacologist from the UK, was testifying on behalf of “dagga couple”, Myrtle Clarke and Jules Stobbs.

He told the court that education about cannabis and interviews before purchase would also help. “Identification upon purchase would also assist regulation and the income would bring improvements to the economy.”

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The trial involving Clarke and Stobbs entered its eighth day on Thursday with Nutt on the stand under cross-examination by the state’s Bogoshi Bokaba.

Nutt has testified about the effects of different drugs on the brain. He went through his research reports, saying he was debunking certain popular beliefs about cannabis and its effects in comparison to alcohol and tobacco.

He also argued that regulation would assist in cutting down the black market which was responsible for introducing cannabis users to harder drugs.

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Bokaba asked Nutt if he thought cannabis should be legalised despite the harms it caused and how he would deal with the consequences.

In response, Nutt said cannabis “is less harmful and legalising it is morally right. There must be high quality control around regulation through registered outlets like pharmacies”.

The Stobbs and Clarke are making a bid for the legalisation of dagga, which was being opposed by the state.

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