Sadness shared over Moreleta hostage drama killing – a year later

The daughter of a Pretoria caretaker shared her sadness this week about his killing in a hostage drama a year ago.

“So much has happened in the past year and you weren’t here to experience any of it,” Charlize Gobey said in a post on Facebook on Thursday.

“Everyone seems to be moving on so quickly but all I can think of is waiting for you to come home.”

Her father Edward was one of the three people shot dead by Danie Small on 12 October.

The hostage drama at Meadow Estate in the east of Pretoria dragged on for 10 hours.

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“Pappa.. Today a year ago you were taken away from us. From me. And even though it’s been a year, it feels like it all happened only a week ago,” wrote Charlize.

“I’ve gone a year without hearing your loud car pull up into our driveway and hearing your loud voice talking to someone on speaker phone.”

Residents told Rekord last year that the shootings were apparently sparked by a dispute on that Wednesday morning.

An elderly neighbour confronted Small after he hurled a rock through the window of the woman’s car.

Gobey was called to the scene by another resident.

Gobey and two other people, Hannes van der Swaard (78) and Jannie Earle (66), were gunned down by the man.


Charlize wrote of the emptiness of the past year without her dad.

“A year without listening to you swear in the car when another taxi tries to push in in front of you. A year without you telling me how you feel sorry for the people on the road when I get my license.

“A year without going camping. A year without you picking me up or dropping me off where I needed to go while playing Afrikaans music embarrassingly loud.

“A year without you sending me messages telling me to take something off of Facebook because you don’t like it or commenting stupid replies to it.

“A year without you buying us hot chocolate and coffee on a Sunday morning, and calling all of us to come sit outside. A year without you telling me how you know I’m going to do great in the profession that I chose.”

Charlize with her dad, Edward Gobey. Photo: Facebook

GALLERY: Dramatic end to Moreleta Park hostage drama

The bodies of Small’s victims lay in the road for hours inside the estate as police and emergency services could not reach them.

Small fired shots from his house at paramedics when they tried to reach the victims.

Two police officers and three security guards were held hostage, trapped behind the wall for seven hours after they responded to a distress call from a resident.

They were rescued later.

Hours later, Small turned the gun on himself. Charlize heard the news of her father’s death on Facebook.

She asked on Facebook for people to pray for her dad shortly after the news broke of the shootings.

A graphic photo of the victims was later shared on social media and public WhatsApp groups.

Charlize wrote: “I knew in my heart that my dad was killed but I did not want to believe it. It still feels as if he just went out on his boat and that he will still return home.”

According to Charlize, she and her mother and sister continued to live on the estate where her father had been the chairperson for many years.

“We have lived in this estate for all my life. My parents were some of the first people to build a house in this estate. My mom decided that we should move, we are currently living in Knysna, the place where my parents planned to retire.

Marina and Edward Gobey Photo: Facebook

“After the shooting, I never felt safe in the house or estate. I have a fear of losing my mother too.”

Charlize said on her last day in Pretoria she visited the place where her dad was shot and killed.

“I sat there thinking of my dad. If I close my eyes I can still see my dad at his favourite spot, on a bench overlooking the ocean. We all sat there eating ice cream during our last Christmas together.”

Police spokesperson Captain Ilze Jones confirmed on Thursday that investigations are done. “Forensic reports confirmed that the shooter used one weapon to kill all three the victims before he committed suicide.”

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Deputy group Editor

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