VIDEO: Man with no seat-belt flies out of convertible

Terrifying video footage filmed in Cape Town shows a driver of a BMW convertible flying out of the car during an accident on the N2.

According to reports, the accident took place close to the Langa off-ramp.

The video depicts the convertible swaying across lanes and crashing into the right concrete barrier before the driver is flown high in the air.

It is believed the driver was not wearing a seat-belt.

Arrive Alive said wearing of a seat belt is mandatory as it saves many lives on the road.

Below are tips on wearing a seat-belt.

• Always put all children in a proper child seat or harness: In a 50 kilometre an hour crash, a four year old weighing 20kg would hit the first solid object with a force of 400 kilograms. Using a properly fitted child seat or restraint can reduce fatal injuries by up to 75%. So check the child seat in your car. Is it securely fitted? Is it the right size? Are you using it? We know that the kids might complain for a while. But that’s better than the horrific alternative.

• Always place any loose items in the car boot. When a car comes to a sudden halt in an accident, a map book on the back shelf will hit car occupants with the force of a karate kick. A camera becomes a hand grenade, an umbrella a deadly missile. The family shopping can kill. Put it all in the boot.

• Always adjust the seat and the head restraint. It is a head restraint not a head rest and it is there to prevent or reduce whiplash which is the most common form of injury in a car crash. Even at speeds as low as ten kilometres an hour there is real danger of serious injury.

• Always wear your seat-belt and see that everyone in the car is wearing theirs. We repeat, always use the seat-belts.

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