Shots fired at former SA diplomat

Car at standstill after road rage incident in Moreleta Park on Monday. Photo: supplied.

Gopolang Chawane

“I was terrified as shots were being fired and I hid behind several cars that were in standstill traffic, hiding from the gun wielding man, said former diplomat Pule Phafane.

Phafane was shot at on Monday morning near the corner of Garstfontein and Primula roads about to drive into his complex in Moreleta Park after a man who had initially rammed into his vehicle shot at him in what a witness described as road rage.

The CEO of techCloud, Phafane said at 07:20 on Monday morning on his way back from dropping off one of his two children at school, he was caught in minor traffic on Primula Road leading to his residence.

“As traffic was bumper to bumper and I was close to my driveway, I weaved out of the traffic making my way to my driveway,” said Phafane.

He said a motorist who thought Phafane was attempting to cut traffic swerved out of traffic to block him from passing.

Phafane said the motorist blocked his vehicle from passing but as he was close to his driveway, he attempted to avert the other car and drove into his driveway.

He said the other motorist was outraged by this and rammed into his vehicle.

“I was surprised and immediately stopped because an accident had just happened.”

He said he stopped his car and attempted to confront the other motorist in order to exchange details for insurance purposes, but the other motorist moved slowly into the slow moving traffic and rejoined the traffic.

He said he wanted to stop the other motorist who had no intension of stopping.

“The driver kept on going with the slow moving traffic, not intending to stop.”

After several attempts the motorist’s vehicle which could not go forward due to traffic standstill finally came to a stop.

“The man who had initially called me a monkey came out of the vehicle with a gun.”

“I immediately made a run for it, but the man kept calling me to confront him.”

Phafane said the gun wielding man opened fire, and he knew he was being shot at.

He said the man shot his tyres and bashed one of his windows after Phafane would not come back to the man”s call.

“He called me all kinds of names, wanting me to come and confront him.”

Phafane said he was terrified as the man angrily come after him.

He said the man shot at his vehicle several times and fled the scene.

Police came after someone had reported the incident.

“The quickly cordoned off the area,” said Phafane.

Phafane said it was the camera on his vehicles dashboard that assisted police with finding the man.

The armed man’s vehicle license plate was identified on the dashboard camera by police and he was later in the day apprehended.

Garsfontein police Warrant Officer David Miller confirmed the arrest of the man and said the perpetrator was arrested on Monday after the alleged road rage.

Miller said the man was facing numerous charges related to the illegal discharging of a fire arm in public and endangering the public.

He said the man was also arrested on a malicious damage to property charge.

“No injuries were reported,” said Miller.

The man was released on bail said Miller, but would appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court this week.

An eyewitness who wanted to remain anonymous told Rekord she witnessed the entire ordeal.

“I saw the man firing shots at all four tyres and bashing the car window. He knew exactly what he was doing as he did not miss any tyre. He stared at me before he got back into his 4×4. I could not believe what was happening. Not a car stopped and no one said a word. Everyone drove around the 4×4 and carried on like it was a normal day, said the witness.

She said she lived in a complex called Carosel and the incident happened just outside her complex.

OrangeFox security firm who initially confirmed the road rage incident on Monday morning said they received the call on the radio of a road rage incident.

Spokesperson of the firm, Vanessa Jacobs, on Monday morning said she was unsure of how the road rage erupted.

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Gopolang Chawane

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