NEWSFLASH: Mother leaves toddler in sealed locked car

A baby was found locked in a car in the undercover parking of a shopping mall on Wednesday afternoon. Photo: supplied.

A baby was found locked in a vehicle in the undercover parking area of Lynwood Bridge shopping centre in the east of Pretoria on Wednesday afternoon.

Witness Adriaan Adams said as he was coming down an escalator when he saw the child  locked up.

At first he assumed the parent or driver had only stepped out of the vehicle to pay for parking.

“We waited not far from the vehicle to make sure the driver does return before we left.”

“We are not sure how long the baby was in the car for.”

Adams said after about 10 minutes there was still no sign of anyone returning to the car and he notified a security guard, who called his superior.

“As people were gathering around the car, the mother arrived.”

Asked why she left her baby alone, the mother told Adams: “I had no other option.”

She threw her shopping bags into the car and drove off.

“What concerns me the most is that anyone could have stolen the baby while the mother was in the mall shopping,” Adams said.

Police said it was a difficult situation to determine if the parent was in fact negligent, but warned that anything could happen to a child left alone in a locked car.

A heatwave is to hit Pretoria later in the week, the SA Weather Service warned on Tuesday.

Forecaster Victoria Nurse said the maximum temperature would reach a high of 37°C on Friday and remain at this level until Monday.

Wednesday and Thursday would see a maximum of 34°C.

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