Pothole nearly kills motorcyclist

Motorcyclist almost killed by pothole. Photo: supplied.

A giant pothole has been repaired in the east of Pretoria after almost claiming a man’s life on Saturday.

Metro spokesperson Lindela Mashigo said the pothole on January Masilela Drive near Atterbury Road was fixed, following a near-death experience by a motorcyclist.

He flew off his scooter into oncoming traffic after hitting the giant pothole in January Masilela Drive, said eyewitness Jan Naudé.

Naudé said the young man was travelling in traffic in the left hand lane around 11:00.

He said as the traffic steadily picked up speed from a traffic light, the vehicle in front of the motorcyclist also hit the pothole.

The motorcyclist clearly saw the pothole too late.

The young man flew into the air into the right hand lane and was almost run over by oncoming traffic.

“A second later might have been too late for him, if the other driver was distracted,” said Naudé.

“The man had wounded his hands and his T-shirt was torn. The young man was traumatised and shaking as he gave me his details.

Naudé said the previous week’s rain certainly contributed to the rapid deterioration of the pothole.

Another eyewitness, Pieter de Lange, said he was on his way to gym with a friend when he saw the motorcyclist flying into the right hand lane.

De Lange said the young man fell right before his vehicle, forcing him to stop abruptly.

“We almost drove over his head. This pothole looked like the Kimberly hole,” said De Lange.

Mashigo said: “The pothole was was repaired around lunch time on Monday.”

He advised people to call 012-358-5314 to report potholes.

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