Pinch of Salt

Elections, the basis of democracy

Are South Africans satisfied with the state of democracy in our country? Blogger Fred Boshoff ponders over the election mania present everywhere at the moment and debates whether or not the new dispensation has been a success.

On the death of a legend

Blogger Fred Boshoff pays tribute to a literary legend upon his death and remembers the writer’s body of work fondly.

Origins of Worker’s Day

Blogger Fred Boshoff takes a look at the origins of Worker’s Day, and its connection to cultures around the world.

Pinch of Salt

Fred takes a look at some entertaining entries made into a hospital registry.

A fairytale

Columnist Fred Boshoff jokes about the recent load-shedding incidents, which remind him of an old story of his.

Many questions

Don’t you just hate the hackneyed and worn-out phrases used by journalists in our newspapers? Sport writers are especially guilty of this. One such phrase is: “He asked many questions”. One newspaper this week stated that the Australian fast bowler Michel Johnson asked many questions from the Proteas batsmen. What does it mean? Imagine. It…

House rules for SuperRugby

This week’s column details the house rules of watching SuperSport Rugby and what the writer expects of his better half.