LETTER: Are we turning a blind eye?

A resident writes: I am writing in connection with a terrible and evil event that happened to the disabled learner on 15 September. I am so angry I can’t sit still since my 9-year-old told me about this and I later saw a footage of the incident on the internet. I hope, pray and wish…

Put an end to illegal dumping

Not only are these illegal dumps “a sight for sore eyes”, but the smells are unbearable.

Menlo Park garbage site gets a shredder

The cost and need for transportation is also reduced, and a contribution is made to a greener environment. A new approach to the reuse of garden material is necessary.

Waar is die verkeerspolisie?

Maar daar is weekliks ongelukke op die hoek omdat mense oor rooi ligte ry en U-draaie maak.