Newly released app to save lives

“In an emergency, with just one touch, it pinpoints your exact location and automatically sends an alert to a security or medical team.”

Timeline – Work history of Armstrong

A senior Tshwane metro police officer has been suspended on two charges of policy violations. Johanna Etresia (“Trish”) Armstrong confirmed her suspension to Rekord on Thursday.

“Little” hero Ryan

Ryan Evans needs to have mid-face reconstructive surgery to breathe and sleep better.

March over LGBTIQ+ rights

“This protest will call for the police to do more when it comes to LGBTIQ+ hate crimes, particularly against lesbian women, and in cases involving abuse and violence against women and children.”

Book tour to open a can of worms

“I want to ask what has been learnt and what must be unlearnt when we deal with the system or when it deals with us.”